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Beekeeping throughout the year – what you need to know

Today apiaries can be found everywhere from country farms to urban roof tops and although the settings vary, the cycle of bee growth and development and the annual rhythm of life in the hive remains the same. In order to care for bees properly, the apiarist needs to understand and … Read More

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Starting your honey business

If you’re thinking about starting a honey operation you’ve got to make some big decisions and they don’t all have to do with bees. Whether or not you’re new to the field you should keep the following in mind before you set up shop:How to Sell: Are you going to … Read More

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Western honey bees and the European colonists

As there are no honey bees that are native to the Americans, in 1622 the European Colonist had began to bring the dark bees to America. However, later on down the line the Italian bees and others were followed. Many insects around the world as we know play a huge … Read More

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The difference between supersedure and swarm cell production

Visually, they look about the same. But to the beekeeper, the difference between a swarm cell and a supersedure cell can mean the difference between a nice honey harvest or losing most of a hive and the honey production that goes with it. First, let us quickly review the difference … Read More

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What you need to know about Beekeeping

Beekeeping, or apiculture, is an up and coming hobby, whether you are someone who is concerned about the environment or someone who just likes the taste of fresh and delicious honey. The beekeeper, or apiarist, keeps honey bee colonies, or hives, and maintains them. The place the bees are kept … Read More