Starting your honey business

If you’re thinking about starting a honey operation you’ve got to make some big decisions and they don’t all have to do with bees. Whether or not you’re new to the field you should keep the following in mind before you set up shop:
How to Sell:

Are you going to be an online store or more of a farmer’s market dealer? Make the decision early on and go from there and don’t forget to look at sites like Paypal or Stripe to look into credit card processing whatever your format.

Where to Grow:

Do you already have land to host your bee operation and set up shop? If you don’t, consider leasing a space in a convenient location to your home to decrease your risk and upfront costs.

How to Package:

Packaging is half the battle – the other half is marketing.

Get some great, modern looking packing processors lined up and then hire someone on a contract basis to do some marketing. There’s nothing worse than having a great product that no one knows about to buy.